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Unleashed Soldiers. The year has almost come to an end. I would like to thank every single one of you for your unlimited support this past year! The end of the year also means it's to drop the deadly Unleashed Yearmix 2015. I hope you're ready for 102 tracks mixed in one big phat megamix of an episode! Gather all your strength and enter 3 hours and 45 minutes of absolute mayhem!!! 


I hope to see you all at Unleashed - Nothing Can Hold Us Back - Time Out, Next! 


Digital Punk

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Unleashed Soldiers! Your monthly fix is here! This month's episode contains new tracks by Radical Redemption, Outbreak, B-Front, Endymion and many more. So crank up your volume and enjoy! Get your tickets for Digital Punk - Unleashed - Nothing Can Hold Us Back now at

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Unleashed Soldiers! This is one beast of an episode. None other than Radical Redemption takes over the show! Besides, we have new tracks by Gunz for Hire, Ran-D, The Pitcher and 2 brand new tracks by myself! Get your tickets for Digital Punk - Unleashed - Nothing Can Hold Us Back now at

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Unleashed Soldiers! Your monthly fuel is here! Episode 031 contains a Warface 9 Circles Album special! Besides that, 'Digital Punk & Adaro - Whiplashed' and the Supremacy anthem of 2015 'Digital Punk ft. Mc Nolz - Supreme'! Crank up your volume and play it loud! Enjoy, Digital Punk.

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Unleashed Soldiers! Back once again with a heavy hittin' episode. This episode contains brand new bombs by Frequencerz, Titan, E-Force & Hard Driver. We are busy with the videoclip of 'Supreme', that's the reason why it's not featured in this month's episode, but it does feature my new track with Warface 'Unleash War'! Enjoy, Digital Punk. 

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Unleashed Soldiers! Here it is, Unleashed Episode 029! This month the remixes of the A2 Records 100 release are featured in Unleashed. Besides that we have several new tracks by Zatox, Minus Militia, & Noisecontrollers. Don't forget to vote yoru favorite hrader styles artists into this years dj mag top 100!

Enjoy the music... Digital Punk

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Here we go again! Unleashed Episode 028 is ready to attack! This month we have brand new bombs by Warface, E-Force, Act of Rage and many more! Enjoy!

Grtz, Digital Punk

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Yes! The wait is over! I give you Digital Punk - Unleashed 027. This month's episode I'm unleashing hell with my brand new track 'Rest in Hell'! Besides that it contains several anthems, like the Defqon.1 anthem 'No Guts, No Glory' by Ran-D, the Emporium anthem 'Warrior' by Frequencerz ft. MC Nolz and the Intents Anthem 'The Funfair of Madness' by Radical Redemption. 

On the 30th of May thousands of Unleashed Soldier will unite as one, at Digital Punk - Unleashed Outdoor Festival. Make sure you get your tickets on time at!

Grtz, Digital Punk

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Unleashed Soldiers, I give you, Unleashed Episode 026! This episode contains 4 new tracks of The Pitcher's upcoming album 'Shock and Awe'. Don't forget to check out how he wrecked my studio in the intro ;) Other than that we got new tracks by E-Force, Outbreak, Warface, B-Front and many mor. Enjoy! Digital Punk

Get your Megabase Presents: Digital Punk Unleashed Outdoor ticket here:!tickets/cp9p

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Unleashed Soldiers, it's here! Digital Punk - Unleashed - Episode 025. This month's episode features my new track with Radical Redemption & Crypsis 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'! It also contains new tracks by Adaro, Zatox, B-Front and The Pitcher. We kick off the episode with the official Rebirth Anthem of 2015, can you guess who made it? Enjoy! Digital Punk


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"Unleashed Soldiers, it's time for Episode 24, that means we celebrate our 2 year anniversary! This episode contains my brand new remix of 'Brennan Heart - Hard Bass Junkie' and 'My God' with E-Force. Also new tracks by Ran-D, Warface, B-Front, Freakz at Night and many more... Enjoy!"


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'Unleashed Soldiers! The first Unleashed episode of 2015 contains my new track 'We Still Don't Give A Fuck' with Frequencerz & MC Nolz! It also features new tracks by Radical Redemption, Phuture Noize, Gunz for Hire and Audiofreq. Don't forget to get your tickets for 'Megabase - Digital Punk - Unleashed'. 

Enjoy! Grtz Digital Punk"


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