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Unleashed Soldiers!

What a fantastic year it has been! I've released my second album 'Adapt Or Die' and the response was overwhelming! In the 'Unleashed Offensive' we had a sold-out Lucky venue in Rijssen, an extreme homeparty with, the pre party of Intents Festival, a backstage trip at Dance Valley and most of all, so much fun with all of you.

To celebrate I hereby drop the Unleashed 2016 Yearmix! Nearly a 100 tracks megamixed in over 3 hours of hardstyle joy!

Episode 046 - Yearmix 2016 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes:

Unleashed playlist on Spotify:

Check out the full tracklist here:

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Unleashed Soldiers!

We are back with a brand new, hard as f*ck, episode of Unleashed! In this episode Sub Sonik is doing a takeover with 4 tracks. Besides I'm playing 4 Digital Punk tracks. 3 of the featured on my album 'Adapt Or Die' and 1 brand new bomb: Digital Punk - Dishonored (Official Dishonored 2 Main Theme Song Remix)!

Other than that the show features heavy hard hitters by Minus Militia, Gunz For Hire, B-Front & Adaro. Enjoy!

00:00 | Intro

00:52 | Requiem - Amore

04:14 | Hard Driver & Adaro - Smack

07:09 | Tartaros - Party Starter

11:03 | B-Front & Phuture Noize - The Paradox

14:32 | Kronos & Malua - AHAH

17:39 | Digital Punk & DV8 - R.F.L.

21:24 | Twenty One Pilots - Heathens (Sub Sonik Bootleg)

24:30 | Digital Punk & Sub Sonik - Bring It To 'Em Raw

27:30 | Sub Sonik - Nightmare

30:39 | Sub Sonik - Take What's Mine

34:27 | Endymion - F#ck Up The Party

37:39 | Act Of Rage - Gangster For Life

41:00 | Digital Punk - Dishonored (Official Dishonored 2 Main Theme Song Remix)

45:04 | Degos & Re-Done - Straight Gangsta Shit

49:10 | Gunz For Hire - No Mercy

52:45 | Adaro & Digital Punk - Bring You The Pain

55:51 | War Force - Devastation

58:57 | X-Pander & MC Jeff - Worldwide Catastrophe

01:02:36 | Minus Militia Ft. Nolz - Militant Mayhem

01:04:40 | Minus Militia - Neighborhood Crime

01:07:16 | Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog - 911

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Unleashed Soldiers! My album 'Adapt or Die' just got released and I'm super proud of the result! Get your copy at

This months show contains brand new bombs by Digital Punk, Ran-D, Crypsis and many more.

Play it loud!


00:00 | Intro

00:56 | Devin Wild & Sub Zero Project - Meltdown

04:00 | Audiofreq - Stingray

07:01 | Ran-D & Alpha2 - Blinded

11:40 | Hard Driver - Welcome

15:04 | Digital Punk & Endymion - Stand Up & Fight

18:12 | Ran-D - MF Summertime

20:53 | B-Freqz - Techno

23:46 | Nightfall - The Darkside

27:05 | Deluzion - FCKN CRMNL

29:57 | EZG - Rellen In De Hel (Adaro Remix)

33:56 | Notorious Two - F.E.A.R.

37:20 | Jack Of Sound - Surprise MF

40:14 | Kronos & Outbreak - Drum

42:50 | Digital Punk - Raw To The Core

45:46 | MYST - Man Bear Pig

49:25 | Crypsis - Smacking Heads

51:46 | Delete - Genocide

54:41 | X-Pander - Rampage

58:14 | High Voltage & Titan - Death Is Coming (Degos & Re-Done Remix)

01:01:14 | Crypsis - Torture (Frequencerz Remix)

01:05:12 | Adje Van Het Padje & Punk Van De Petteflet - Laat Die Fucking Kick Rollen

01:08:32 | Digital Punk Ft. MC Nolz - Adapt Or Die (Furyan Remix)

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Unleashed Soldiers! I'm so proud to announce that I'm releasing an album at the beginning of October called 'Adapt Or Die'. You can pre-order the album at now!

Besides the show features new tracks by Warface, Outbreak, Crypsis, High Voltage and many more.

Enjoy your monthly fuel!

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Unleashed Soldiers. Another month has passed and that means another Unleashed Episode!

It's time to reveal the identities of 'Public Enemies', Digital Punk and Hard Driver! The show begins with 3 new tracks of Public Enemies. Besides that we have new tracks from Ran-D, Adaro, Sub Sonik, Hard Driver and many more. So tune in and enjoy!

Episode 042 on YouTube, Soundcloud & iTunes:

Unleashed playlist on Spotify:


00:00 | Intro

01:35 | Public Enemies - Public Enemies

04:19 | Public Enemies - You're All Going To Die

07:18 | Adaro & E-Force Ft. MC Nolz - Open The Gates (Public Enemies Remix)

11:34 | Ran-D Ft. LXCPR - United (Official Decibel 2016 Anthem)

16:54 | Hard Driver - Light Up Di Ganja

19:50 | Nightfall - Deadliest Sound

22:42 | Alpha2 & B-Front - Liberate (E-Force Remix)

25:49 | Digital Punk & The R3belz - The Last Remaining Light (Clockartz Remix)

28:51 | Endymion & Phuture Noize Ft. MC Jeff - Martians

32:28 | Outbreak - Blackout (Official Ground Zero 2016 Anthem)

37:30 | Flosstradamus, GTA & Lil' Jon - Prison Riot (Hard Driver DJ Tool)

39:24 | MYST - Life Is Ours

42:25 | The Warriorz - Warriorz Of The Night

45:30 | Alpha2 & Bass Chaserz - Resurrection

48:38 | Adaro - Murder

52:18 | Brennan Heart & Sub Sonik - Double Dare

54:36 | High Voltage - Enemies

57:38 | D-Sturb - Ready To Roll

1:00:39 | Alpha2 & Wildstylez - Breathe (Regain Remix)

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Unleashed Soldiers! Episode 041 is upon you! A brand new episode filled with the newest and best tunes of the moment. This month it features tracks from Minus Militia, Public Enemies, Gunz For Hire, Adaro, Ran-D and many more! 


For 'The Unleashed Offensive - Mission #5', go check out my Facebook if you want to win an insane Dance Valley Unleashed Package including a limo ride, VIP, merchandise and more! 


For now, enjoy the show! 

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Unleashed Soldiers! It's here, Unleashed Episode E040! Loads of new tracks, so crank up the fuckin' volume and enjoy!


For 'The Unleashed Offensive - Mission #4' I want to know what YOUR ultimate mission would be! Let me know in the comments or send your ideas with a photo via private message and win the new Unleashed Flag!

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Unleashed Soldiers! I present you Unleashed Episode 39! Loads of new tracks, including 'Digital Punk & Alpha┬▓ - Loud As F#ck'!


Are you ready for Mission 3? Win an Exclusive Digital Punk - Unleashed Intents Festival weekend for 6 people! You'll win a Unleashed decorated campsite with lots of goodies, breakfast served by me, join Da Syndrome, Sjek and me on stage, and more! A next level camping experience. Don't forget to bring your own tent!


How can you win? That's easy. Make a Spotify hardstyle playlist named 'Intents Unleashed playlist' and drop the link to the playlist in the comments!

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BREAKING NEWS: and Digital Punk - Unleashed are doing an Unleashed event in your livingroom, lodge, boat or special location, with a killer line-up, photoshoot, aftermovie, lights, audio and even the cleaning! Send a photo or video of your location to


This is UNLEASHED D-DAY! I present you episode 38 containing the long awaited track Digital Punk & Radical Redemption - Protest of Indignation! Besides it features an Alpha² 'Recharged' take over and new tracks by Hard Driver, Act of Rage, Titan, Frequencerz and many more. 


Tonight it's time for The Unleashed Offensive - Mission 1 in Club Lucky! Let's to this!

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Unleashed Soldiers! Your monthly fuel is here! This month we feature a Frequencerz ‘Medium Rare’ takeover'. Besides that I’m premiering my new solo track ‘Hate On Me’ and I’m dropping new bombs from Warface, Hard Driver, Chain Reaction, E-Force and Crypsis. Enjoy!

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Unleashed Soldiers! 3 years ago we started this podcast and look where we are now! Can you believe it?! I'd like to thank you all for your support and dedication. You are the thriving engine behind Unleashed!


Here is my way of saying 'thank you': 


There are some presents hidden in the show as well. Watch and listen carefully ;)


This episode contains 2 of my new tracks. Besides that it features new tracks by Hard Driver, Radical Redemption, Crypsis and B-Front.



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Happy New Year everyone! We are unleashing 2016 with a bang! Get ready for one sick episode, filled with new bombs. It features tracks by Notorious Two, Gunz for Hire, Donkey Rollers, E-Force and my new track with Mean Machine ‘How We Roll’. Turn up your volume and enjoy!

Digital Punk

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