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"Unleashed Soldiers! It's been a great year for me as well as for Unleashed. I want to thank you! Together we are going to take Unleashed to the next level in 2015.

But first, I give you the Unleashed Yearmix 2014! 74 tracks, mixed and mashed-up, chosen by me and you (voting app) in one big phat, 3 hour long episode! Blood, sweat and tears, but I'm super proud of the end result. I've also added some brand new tracks in the mix, can you find them? Crank up your volume and enjoy! 

Happy holidays, 

Digital Punk"

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Unleashed Soldiers! It's here, Digital Punk - Unleashed - E021! With brand new tracks by Ran-D, Chain Reaction, The Anarchist & Frequencerz. Besides that it features 3 new bombs bombs from Zatox his album New World Order. Enjoy and I see you all the 13th of December in the Time Out (Gemert, NL) for the Digital Punk - Unleashed invasion. 

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Unleashed Soldiers! Your monthly fix is here! This show contains new tracks by Zatox, Radical Redemption, and Frequencerz. Besides that Hard Driver took over the show. Make sure you don't skip the intro ;) enjoy! DP

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Unleashed Soldiers! In this episode I'm dropping my brand new track with Outbreak Prison Of Commercialism! Besides that, this show features 3 tracks of Titan's upcoming album Demolition of Silence, enjoy! 

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Unleashed Soldiers! Here it is, the latest episode full of raw fuel! It includes my brand new track ‘Digital Punk & Hard Driver ft. MC DL – Crash ‘n Burn’. Enjoy!! Grtz, DP 

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Unleashed Soldiers! Here it is, episode 17! Our radio frequency has been hacked by B-Freqz... but we managed to get it back. Other than that new tracks by Radical Redemption, E-Force and Ran-D. Enjoy!

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016 Digital Punk - Unleashed

Unleashed Soldiers! Here is some new fuel, 'Digital Punk - Unleashed - Episode 016'! With new tracks from Zany, Phuture Noize, Ran-D & Gunz for Hire! Enjoy, Digital Punk 

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Unleashed Soldiers! Your monthly fix is here. Unleashed E015 includes new tracks by Crypsis. TNT, The Anarchist and many more. It also includes my remix of Radical Redemption’s Black Demon! Enjoy the music and see you the 24th of may at Megabase presents: Digital Punk Unleashed!  For more info check,

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Hi Guys! Here it is. Episode #14 of Digital Punk Unleashed. This episode features new tracks by E-Force, Alpha2 and Chain Reaction, enjoy! Digital Punk

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Hey everyone! Its time for your monthly fix again! This months episode features my brand new track ‘Firestorm’. It also contains new bombs from Frequencerz, Radical Redemption, Noisecontrollers and Adaro. Don’t forget to order your ticket for ‘Megabase presents: Digital Punk Unleashed’ at . Enjoy!

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Hey everyone, here it is: Digital Punk - Unleashed - E012. The one year anniversary show! We are celebrating this the whole month up until the next show. We’re going to give away all kinds of merchandise, credits, event tickets and a vey special Unleashed festival package! So keep an eye out on my social media and for now, enjoy the show! Grtz, Digital Punk

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Happy New Year everybody! I would like to thank all of the Unleashed Soldiers that invaded the Time out with us last weekend, it was one of the best nights of my carreer! The very first show of 2014 contains brand new tracks by The R3belz, Activator, Phuture Noize and also my new track with B-Front, Purify! Enjoy! - Digital Punk

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